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Example of Matter database
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Clients and Matters

Every document in Legal Notes must have a Matter (and therefore a client). You cannot create or file a document until you have created the Matter. The Matter Record gives the Matter a unique numerical or alphanumeric code and holds all information relevant to the instruction and its administration. You cannot have a matter until you have a Client.

Clients and Matters are created in the System database. Legal Notes can centralise the creation of clients and matters by limiting the number of people authorised to create them. However it allows any staff member to complete the necessary forms, and submit them as "Requests" to the person authorised to create matters and clients, as specified in the User Profile. Distributed work flow is a feature of Legal Notes.

Below is an example of a Matter Record. It records:
  • Name of client, description of the Matter, the responsible lawyer and other lawyers involved in the matter, statistical information.
  • Limitation of action information
  • Cost estimates and agreements. Once the combination of bills and WIP exceed a prescribed percentage of the estimate (eg 85%), every time a document is created the user is warned and an email is sent to the lawyers responsible for the matter.
  • Administrative information as to the location of the matter (database and server), and who has access to the matter. For example you can give a client access to the matter through the Matter Record, and limit access to specified users or groups of users.