electronic office document management
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Chapter: Documents

Incoming documents

The "In" form is used for all incoming documents. It is designed to hold scanned images of documents.

Faxes should be received electronically to facilitate filing in Legal Notes.

All overnight mail and faxes should be filed in Notes first thing in the morning, before being distributed. All scanned documents, upon being filed, are automatically emailed to all solicitors associated with the matter.

Status of an incoming document
There are two status levels, namely Finalised and In Progress.

When created, an incoming document's status is set to "In Progress" unless the user is authorised to finalise it. Only those users listed in the User Profile as being authorised to finalise an incoming document, can change an incoming document's status to Finalised or Pending. However, to enable an efficient distribution of work load, anyone with Author status or higher can create an incoming document.

Until finalised, an incoming document appears in the In Progress view of the first person specified in the User Profile as authorised to finalise incoming documents. This ensures that the document is finalised as soon as possible. The purpose of this procedure is to enable the incoming document to be checked by a responsible person before it is finalised.

All incoming documents are included in the WIP view for the solicitors for the matter. Every morning solicitors are required to check their WIP view for incoming documents. Since the practice of emailing these documents to the solicitors was commenced, the importance of the WIP view has diminished.

The purpose of this procedure is to ensure that all documents come to the solicitor's attention as soon as possible. If the solicitor is unaware of the document, he can open and view it. If he is aware of the the document (or once he has viewed it) he selects it and clicks the "Clear Incoming" button in the WIP view. Multiple documents can be selected to save time in clearing incoming documents out of your WIP list. The procedure for clearing incoming documents from your WIP view is the same as finalising tasks.