electronic office document management
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Chapter: Documents


Please be sure to "Task" everything! That is, for every step you have to take or contingency that may arise in a matter, set up a task for it. If you are waiting for something to happen, Task it, but classify it as a recall. It only takes a few seconds to create a task document. They will help you manage the matter, and more to point, will enable solicitor responsible for the matter who has delegated the whole matter or aspects of it to another solicitor, to know that what work is being done, and how the solicitor is approaching the matter - ie the steps he has taken, anticipated or forecasted.

Use the Task document to assist you in developing a strategy for the matter, if this is required. Create a Task document, give it the heading "Strategy" and list in it your thoughts on how the matter should be handled. From this document you can map your specific tasks.
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