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Chapter: Documents

Microsoft Word time-savers

Spell checking

Each matter has its own custom dictionary that is loaded by default if you are working on a matter related document (which is almost always. The idea is the add matter specific names etc to the matter's custom dictionary. If you want to update the shared global dictionary, you must change the default custom dictionary under the "Options" tab in the spell checker.

Glossary entries

If you are working on a matter where you often have to type a lengthy or complicated phrase such as "Nikolaos Damianopoulos" or "Australian Public Access Network Association (Inc)", you can assign it to a simple word like "Nik" or even just "a", and Word will insert the full phrase when you press F3. To do this, type the full phrase including a trailing space, and select it. Then press F12 and type the short word that you want to associate with the phrase. Then press Define. From now on, when working on that matter, you will be able to insert the full phrase by typing the short word and pressing F3.

If you want an expression to be available across matters, save it to the Convey library. That is, instead of pressing F12, press Ctrl+F8, and save the entry there.

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