electronic office document management
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Chapter: Documents

Court appointments

Court documents that are in the nature of applications should be marked as pending until they have been determined. These include chamber summonses, originating summonses, motions etc. You can see the pending documents in the main matter view because they have a red dot next to them.

As soon as we are given a date for the hearing of the application, the court appointment should be entered into the diary of the person who is to appear. When creating the appointment in the person's diary, the name of the court must be specified. This triggers the diary to ask you to identify the application the appointment relates to by pressing the appropriate button at the top of the screen.

When you press the button, it gives you a list of all pending documents. Select the application from the list. If it is not there, you have done something wrong. Then when the appointment is saved, it puts the date of the hearing into the application document.

After the hearing, go into the application, type in what happened under the appropriate date, and then click the "log" button underneath. Once you have done that, unless there is another court appointment on the application, the document can be finalised.

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