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Chapter: Documents

Matter details form

Every matter is created by this form. It is the hub of all Matter files; a defacto profile document or mini database that contains all information relevant to the matter, or more to point, the conduct of a matter in an operational (Matter) database.

This form (matter record) is created in the System db, and a copy is created and maintained in the Matter database and on the Server specified under the Administration section of the document. The copy is maintained for three reasons:
1. It gives information on the matter in Main view of the Matters database.
2. Certain values in the copy are accessed by documents created in the Matters database. Whilst these values could be taken from the System db, there is a speed advantage in taking them from the same database.
3. It provides a convenient basis for categorising documents by matter (number).
4. It assists in archiving the matter.

The relevant fields are discussed below
Type: A brief description of the type of the matter. The user must select a type from the list supplied. The list is taken from the Keywords view of the System db.
Hide details for SolicitorsSolicitors
Partner [or Responsible Solcitor]: Solicitor:
Other: Up to six solicitors can be associated with any given matter. A Partner or Responsible Solicitor must be specified. The user will be prompted to insert the initials of another solicitor that has the conduct of the matter under the responsible solicitor.
The solicitors are relevant in the following ways;
1. Matters are categorised by responsible solicitor and solicitor
2. All incoming documentsare put in the WIP view of these solicitors.
3. Only the responsible solicitor (or a member of the "Administrators" group) can change the responsible solicitor.
4. the reponsible solicitor is the recipient of automatic mail messages to complete the litigation section of the form, As explained below.

Show details for Sub filesSub files
Hide details for Miscellaneous Information:Miscellaneous Information:

Show details for Related partiesRelated parties
Show details for LitigationLitigation
Hide details for AdministrationAdministration
This section is critcal to the proper operation of Legal Notes
H.O. Server: The name server that holds the database for the matter from the list supplied. eg HeadOffice/Acme. The list is taken from the User Profile.
Office: The name of the Office having control of the matter from the list supplied. This field will always default to the name of the head office. the list is taken from the User Profile.
Database The name of the database for the matter. eg matter.nsf
Status: See workflow
On account: The amount required from the client to be held on account of costs for the matter.
Messages: Stores any messages sent with the "Messages" button
Show details for Set read access rights:Set read access rights:
Show details for Modifications:Modifications: