electronic office document management
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Chapter: Documents

Creating and emailing letters

Rules for creating a Word document
  1. Create new outgoing document and specify the relevant fields. If you do not populate a relevant field you will be prompted to do so.
  2. Launch the Word document. It may be necessary to open Word before clicking launch.
  3. When the document has been finalised and where necessary signed, print the document to a pdf file. Do NOT put it in the Desktop. Rather save it to say c:\temp
  4. To email the pdf, click the envelope in the Acrobat toobar If there is an error, first go to Notes and escape from the current view, and try again. If you still have an error, do the following: (1) Open an email in Notes. (2) In the body of the email click File+Attach and attach the document you want to email to the email. Then complete the email in the usual way.
  5. Remove the signature from Word document. Ctrl+F10 will take you to the Notes container (the blue doc). Finalise the document and complete the date of service and how served fields. Usually, the date of service will be the same as the date of the document. If a different date be sure to include the time. For example, if the date is 01/04/2021 type in the date followed by a space and then the time 00:00 so it looks like this: 01/04/2021 00:00. Including time keeps the document in date order.
  6. Save the document - usually in CORRESPONDENCE or as instructed.

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